Clinical Centre of Skin and Sexually-Transmitted Diseases

offers diagnosis and outpatient and inpatient treatment of skin diseases for children and adults by means of the innovative medications and methods;

– digital dermatoscopy – examination of skin and mucosal formations and observation in dynamics;

– sialoscopy;

– photodynamic therapy – dermatooncologic therapy, examination of pre-cancerous elements and their elimination;

– treatment of different skin formations by the laser (naevi, keratoses, papillomata, warts), scar removal, removal of unwanted blood-vessels;

 – Excimer laser for the treatment of vitiligo, psoriasis, etc. chronic dermatoses;

 – narrow spectre and other type phototherapy;

 – removal of different skin formations by UVB phototherapy;

 – skin ultrasonography before and after the therapy;

 – morphological and histochemical testing of the skin bioptate;

An anonymous examination for sexually-transmitted diseases and treatment is available.