Evija Rudzīte – certified endocrinologist, internist. Member of Latvian Association of Endocrinologists. Participant of European Association of Diabetes Study (EASD).

Main directions of activities: 

Disorders of diabetes or glycose intolerance:

  • diagnostics,
  • treatment,
  • observation in dynamics.

Other endocrine diseases (thyroid gland, hypophysis,adrenal glands):

  • diagnostics,
  • treatment,
  • observation in dynamics.


  • Principles of healthy diet and recommendations for practically healthy people,
  • diet recommendations for patients with different pathologies.
  • Solutions of extra weight problems:
    • individual approach – devising an individual daily energetic consumption for each patient,
    • medicamental treatment and observation in dynamics.


Patients can receive:

  • consultations paid from the state budget:
    • on one’s own initiative- if a person is ill with diabetes mellitus,
    • by a family doctor’s referral.
  • Charged service.