Certified cardiologists consult patients

in echocardiography, electrocardiography and physical load tests in heart rhythm disorders, cardiovascular diseases, hypertension, heart failure and other heart diseases. We solve problems of elevated cholesterol level. We examine patients in the cases of loss of conscience.

Electrocardiogram (ECG) is a recoding of the electrical activity of the heart, recorded by electrodes and by ECG curves the signs of the heart damage, or rhythm and conduction disorders are analyzed. ECG is an available and a completely harmless method allowing to use it widely in diagnostics of heart diseases, as well as in regular patients’ monitoring in dynamics.

Holter monitoring is ECG long-term recording, usually for one day-night in order to detect the heart damage signs, rhythm and conduction disorders in a longer period of time. In case of need it can be done repeatedly.

For physical load test we use veloergometer. By riding on a fixed bicycle, the patient’s electrogram is analyzed and blood pressure checked. Physical load test is still the most widely used method in diagnostics of cardiovascular diseases, assessment of the disease severity and the choice in the treatment tactics.

Echocardiography is an ultrasound method, by which one can determin the size of the heart, condition of the heart valves and walls, and the functional status of the heart. In case of need the echocardiographic examination through oesophagus is done.

Day-night monitoring of the blood-pressure gives a possibility to record blood pressure changes and to choose the most rational way of treatment.

Coronarography – cardiovascular examination using contrast substance.