Irina Evansae-subscription

Doctor of medical science, anaesthesiologist, algologist
Uses the most advanced contemporary technologies and medications for general, spinal, epidural anaesthesia or peripheral nerve bundle and nerve blocks, thus ensuring maximum efficiency and do not leave adverse effect on the health of the patient.
Protects the patient against the adverse effects of pain and operation stress, creates optimum conditions for the performance of operation and performs post-surgical monitoring and care.
Postgraduate training:
Ultrasound guided blocks of peripheral nerves and perimedullary blocks (8th Oxford Regional Anaesthesia Course) - United Kingdom.
Fluoroscopy guided anaesthetic blocks (New Technologies in interventional pain management techniques) Belgium.
Peripheral nerve blocks (4th International symposium on regional anaesthesia and pain therapy 4th Croatian congress of regional anaesthesia and analgesia) Zagreb.
Ultrasound guided epidural nerve block (Nysora World Anaesthesia Congress) Rome, Italy. 
Fluoroscopy and ultrasound guided peripheral nerve blocks and perimedullary blocks (Nysora World Anesthesia Congress) Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
Residency at Orton Pain Hospital. Computed tomography guided peripheral nerve and perimedullary blocks. Finland.
Training to perform ultrasound guided peripheral nerve blocks. Clermont - Ferrand, France.
Training on X-Ray guided Invasive pain techniques at Detroit Receiving Hospital pain clinic. Detroit, USA.