Surgical Clinic – highly qualified professionals of profound clinical expertise in surgical procedures and operations work in the new, renovated surgery block, allowing the possibilities to use the latest up-to-date technologies.

A wide range of  surgical manipulations and operations are performed both by the endoscopic, and laparoscopic methods, as well as by a conventional approach:

● in general surgery:

- treatment of cholelithiasis and its complications;

- surgical treatment of gastrointestinal, hepatic and pancreactic disorders;

- surgical treatment of proctologic diseases;

- endocrine surgery

- groin hernia and crural hernia surgery, imbilical hernia and postoperative hernia surgery;

- removal of cutaneous and subcutaneous benign masses and soft tissue benign masses;

- leg veins surgery, the use of the laser;

- bariatric surgery– stomach bypassing and sleeve gastroplasty;

in traumatology:

- reparative surgery of major bones pseudoarthrosis,

- arthrodesis of the joints of the foot,

- Achilles tendon plasty.

- arthroscopic treatment of the knee joint, shoulder joint and ankle joint, related to mechanical abnormality of the ligaments, cartilages,meniscus, instability and dislocation of joints;

in neurosurgery:

- intervertebral discs surgery,

- surgery of the carpal and cubital tunnel syndrome,

- extirpation of the extracranial and intracranial neoplasmata. The majority of neurosurgical operations are performed with the use of the up-to-date neurosurgical microscope;

in ophthalmology:

- refractive surgery (laser eye surgery),

- implantation of the intraocular lenses,

- diagnostics and treatment of cataract and glaucoma,

- treatment of retinal diseases, transplantation of the cornea,

- diagnosis and treatment of children and adolescent eye diseases;

in otorhinolaryngology:

- conventional and endoscopic surgeries of the nose, paranasal sinuses, the functional surgery of the nose,

- treatment of snoring and sleep apnoea,

- surgeries of nasopharynx, tonsils, larynx and throat, including microsurgeries with the laser,

- middle ear microsurgery, hearing-enhancing operations, insertion of hearing implants,

- cochlear implants, soft tissue neoplasia of the face and the neck, surgeries of congenital malformations;

in gynecology:

- uterus neoplasia surgery, uterine appendages using laparoscopic and conventional approaches,

- surgery of the prolapse of female genital organs,

- corrective surgery in urinary incontinence,

- diagnostic medical laparoscopic operations with regard to infertility,

- uterine cavity surgery – abrasions and hystero-resectoscopy;

in urology:

- benign prostate hyperplasia,

- urinary stone disease,

- urinary incontinence both for males and females,

-renal oncology – biopsy, nephrectomy, and renal resection,

- reconstructive surgery,

- penial prosthetics and artificial urinary sphincter surgery.

The least invasive methods are used in the operations: endoscopy (transurethral resection of the urinary bladder and the prostate, all types of lithotripsy) percutaneous methods, laparoscopy, HOLEP (holmium laser enucleation of the prostate).